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I recently took my two kids and myself to Advanced Family Dental as new patients. The front desk was so welcoming and accommodating to meet our busy schedules. Everyone was so friendly, and the facility is very clean. They followed all the extra precautions with Covid, and made us feel safe in the environment. Lastly, we all loved our dentist! He did a really great job, especially with my crown. I would highly recommend this office. Thanks to everyone there who made us feel at home on our first visit!

Barbara L. Avatar
Barbara L.

From the moment you walk in the door until the time you leave the office, you are made to feel welcome. The dentist and team seek to ensure that their patients feel heard, respected, and receive excellent care. They are skilled at allaying anxiety and putting their patients at ease. Having received care from both dentists at this practice, I highly recommend both of them.

Amber L. Avatar
Amber L.

I enjoy going to Advance Dental for my dental needs. April, the hygienist, is so accurate and friendly. Makes you at home. Explains everything to you. I have been going there since Dr. Todd opened. I would highly recommend his services. Jim Smith.

Jim S. Avatar
Jim S.

5 star ratingIn all my years I have never had a good dental experience..never felt comfortable or at ease until I had work done at Advanced Family Dental . They are truly amazing!..I highly recommend them . Dr.Matheson and the staff are great!!I am so thankful for them..

Tony M. Avatar
Tony M.

I was at work and at 5:45pm my tooth broke I googled dentist near my home and Advanced Dental showed up, I saw they at late hours on Wednesday night and called to see if the were able to get me in. I was able to get a 7pm appointment work let me leave. Advanced dental was wonderful the staff rocks they were able to put a temporary crown on. Very clean friendly and they have screens to watch while work is being done. Highly recommended

Debbie M. Avatar
Debbie M.

I got a postcard in the mail from Advanced Family Dental, I was looking for another dentist so I decided to check it out. The important things to me and my family were 1. the care 2. the cost 3. did they try to sell us products that we did not really need. Gabby was my hygienist, she was so thorough and caring, she did not try and sell me any products. She was honest and trustworthy and I knew that I could trust her with my care. I am glad I go the postcard in the mail and made the change, it was definitely for the better!

Jovita B. Avatar
Jovita B.

5 star ratingI just left Advanced Family Dental..all I can say is they are all wonderful!!Very compassionate and caring.Dr Plaza is the best ever, along with his top notch staff.Love them all and will recommend without hesitation!!!Colleen Mccollam

Colleen M. Avatar
Colleen M.

5 star ratingI can't say enough about how great this office is.......their staff must take nice pills they're all so amazing. We had our first appt when they opened back up from the COVID closing and they have such a clean, secure office. We were greeted at the door where they took our temp and then we could go in usually it is one at a time but my husband and I had appts at the same time since we live together that was okay. Everything about our appts were top notch.

Tearsa A. Avatar
Tearsa A.

5 star ratingThis is by far the best dentist office that I have ever been to. They are very professional and extremely clean. Always willing to go that extra mile to help you with your insurance or questions you may have about your procedure or anything else. I definitely would recommend going here and taking your family and friends. Keep up the awesome job everyone. Thanks,Sean D.

Sean D. Avatar
Sean D.

5 star ratingLets face it....pretty much everyone hates going to the dentist, including me. I've been going to Advanced Family Dental for a little over a year and can honestly say they do a fantabulous job at keeping my chompers clean. Gabby has been my hygienist and she always takes her time and does a wonderful job. I get mild plaque build up on my lower bottom teeth between cleanings, but they are visibly clean and shiny when she is finished. The dental office is cozy and modern, front desk staff is always friendly and helpful. The dentists there do not up-sell at all, and even commented that a crown I had received from a prior dentist was not a treatment he would have recommended. If you're in the market for a great dentist and top notch hygienists, (Who isn't?!?) then this is the place for you!

Megan S. Avatar
Megan S.

5 star ratingFront desk has been very helpful. Maggie has been Wonderful, friendly and caring .I highly recommend this dental clinic.

Buket Y. Avatar
Buket Y.

5 star ratingI have been going to the place for about four years now and love the staff and dentists. Dr. Todd and Dr. Peter are very kind, professional, and customer service oriented. The hygienists are thorough and educate you on how to take better care of your teeth. Today was a first for me: my first crown. I was a bit apprehensive, but Dr. Peter and Michelle were awesome! I got to watch a movie, was wrapped in a nice blanket, and wore safety glasses while having the procedure done. Chantal and the front staff are very helpful with bookings and assisting you with insurance and estimates. This place rocks!

Elyse L. Avatar
Elyse L.

5 star ratingI am new to the Denver area and was referred to AFD from a friend who has gone here for a couple years. The customer service from the hygienists, front desk staff and dentist here is top notch. I have always felt like they've had my best interests in mind as they've never come across as "salesy" and have been very clear about every appointment + procedure I've had (and the costs for each appointment). This office also has flexible hours (early morning + evening) so I'm able to fit my appointments in regularly. This office is 30 min away from my home, but I make the trip because it's a dentist I know I can trust and I've had such a great experience here.

Mary C. Avatar
Mary C.

5 star ratingHighly recommend! In the past, going to the dentist always meant: (1) pain, especially unexplained, (2) long waits and inflexible operating hours, and (3) expensive or the feeling of constant hard sales. However, after my visit to Advanced, I think I'll actually actively set up follow ups as directed! I think the Advanced culture is to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Unlike other offices, where the first thing they do is start poking around in your mouth without any explanation, I was interviewed, if you will. I was asked questions like, "what's most important to you about your teeth," "how do you like to receive information," "have you ever had any bad experiences in the chair?" Then after that, the dentist came in, there was a very nice hand off and he spent a lot of time looking at my teeth, talking about the health of them and didn't just appear and disappear as quickly as he could. My dental hygienist, while cleaning my teeth would explain what she was doing and she even went over best practices to keep my teeth clean and healthy. She also seemed very cognizant of how expensive visits to the dentist are and really differentiated what services are preventative and what isn't.On top of all that, this is the nicest facility that I've ever been to. There's a tv mounted to the ceiling so the patient can Netflix while in the chair, of course with personal headphones. They even provide tinted goggles to protect your eyes from the light and any splatters.

Victoria L. Avatar
Victoria L.

5 star ratingThey do a great job here. The dental hygienists are always lovely and the doctors are knowledgeable. I definitely recommend them!

Lauren C. Avatar
Lauren C.

5 star ratingDr. Matheson is the complete opposite of what you think about when you hear the word dentist. He has exceeded our expectations. My husband hates dentist and without me having to force him to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, he did it himself because he feels comfortable with him. Then he was a complete miracle when it came to my son. He was so patient and caring when my son had a bit of an emergency. Dr. Matheson isn't a normal "dentist". He is DENTAL NINJA!

Sheena D. Avatar
Sheena D.

4 star ratingMy new dental plan had a plethora of dentists to choose from, but after phoning my way halfway through the list, this was the first dentist that had anything available that wasn't six months away. The receptionist was friendly on the phone, as well as in person. The rest of the staff was also friendly, and fairly prompt too. I was only kept waiting a few minutes past my scheduled time, but I didn't mind the wait, as the lobby was warm and welcoming. Everyone from the x-ray technician, to the dentist, to the hygienist was very professional, but not coldly so. We all celebrated the fact that I was cavity free--it was fun to share that exciting news with complete strangers. I left the office having booked my follow-up cleaning in six months and with complete confidence in my dental care.

Nicole S. Avatar
Nicole S.

5 star ratingSo I didn't go to the dentist for 15 years. I had a mean POS of a dentist growing up. My teeth fell apart. I'm 30. I realized I have to do something NOW. Dr. Todd didn't guilt trip me for my past. He gave me a road map forward. I just finished my last of 4 treatments. It was painless. It was priced fairly. Dr. Todd doesn't settle with the bear minimum. He makes sure it is fixed. He looks towards the patients' best interest.

Will S. Avatar
Will S.

5 star ratingVery friendly staff, doctor was gentle and seemed to know what he was doing, also did not try to recommend any unnecessary procedures. Will be happy to go again!

Sarianna L. Avatar
Sarianna L.

5 star ratingLet's be honest: no one likes going to the dentist. At least I certainly don't. No matter how much I brush and floss, there's always a cavity hiding in there. Well fear not, because they're really nice here and dont' make you feel bad about your genetics. I saw Dr. Matheson (he goes by Dr. Todd), a recent transplant to the area from Alaska. He's a well spoken, friendly, and professional dentist. He conducted a very thorough diagnoses, file review, and x-ray review and explanation. He's a techy, so there are lots of monitors for you to look at. His dental assistant was busy cleaning another patient's teeth, so rather than make me wait, the dentist did the cleaning himself for me. That was a first. I enjoyed my conversation and my experience so much that I scheduled 2 more visits for those pesky cavities. Dr. Todd went through his plans thoroughly and talked about his pain management approach (i'll have to report back in the future). I then sat down with Maria, who runs the front office and billing. She did a very complete walk-through of all expected charges and insurance coordination. Every question I had was answered, and my estimated costs clearly presented. I can't say I'm excited about the next two appointments, but I have no apprehension and do look forward to seeing their friendly staff. So far, thumbs up.

Scott S. Avatar
Scott S.

5 star ratingI hadn't been to the dentist in about 4 years (mostly because I really don't like to go, no real legit reason other than that) so I was a little nervous about seeing one after so long. Their office is great! The receptionists are really nice and knowledgeable and prepared. I waited maybe 5 minutes to be taken back to the chair and saw an x-ray tech, hygenist and Dr. Larsen. They were all very nice, professional and fast. No pain with the cleaning and they do have two tvs in each chair station (one on the ceiling and one facing the chair) which was pretty interesting to see the xrays immediately displayed after they were taken. They also called me the day after my appt to make sure I didn't have any questions and sent me a travel mug and note for the holidays, which I thought was a nice touch. I've been hoping to find a long term dentist and I think I've found them!! 🙂 They also have Saturday appointments which I absolutely love as well.

Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.

5 star ratingI do (perhaps I should say I DID) have a huge fear of dentists. Growing up in the 60's with a heritage of not-so-great teeth then having a couple of bad experiences predisposed me to be fearful to begin with, then I had a couple of VERY bad experiences in Colorado. Due to my fear I had let things go far too long when I got the recommendation to go to Advanced Family Dental. Dr. Lopez and the entire staff couldn't have been nicer and more caring. I opted for conscious sedation for the extensive work I needed, but for subsequent followups I managed with minimal or even no sedation, not even a Valium. Further, my insurance paid exactly what they said they would and I had no trouble or misunderstandings with that, which was also something new for me. I also recommended them to a girlfriend who likewise had an extremely positive experience. Whether or not you are abnormally fearful, this is a great place to go. I would recommend them to anyone. I'm even planning to have my teeth bleached now that the serious work I needed is done. I would never have considered that a year ago. I really feel like I have discovered the best dentist in Denver!

Mandy S. Avatar
Mandy S.

5 star ratingYesterday, I had to get two fillings. I'm not one with a particular fear of dentists (I grew up with an awesome one), but still, seeing any new medical professional is daunting.Dr. Offerdahl and his staff are wonderful. It's a very nice, professional environment, where they don't keep you waiting, take good care of you, are friendly and compassionate.But the most important part? I had two fillings and no pain. Discomfort from holding my mouth open, but NO PAIN. They also give you nitrous oxide (in a low dose; don't get excited, people) to ease nerves. It's the next day now, and the jaw is slightly sore, but overall I'm feeling pretty good.I was really relieved to find a good dentist after having only one before. Thank you, Dr. Offerdahl and Advanced Family Dental, for your great work and your TVs on every chair.

Melinda L. Avatar
Melinda L.
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