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Been our family dentist for a few years now. Great experience!
Hannah Hoch Avatar
Hannah Hoch
As ever , the staff was terrific! I love this practice. They are quite patient-oriented and very patient. I recommend this practice without reservation!
John Panarelli Avatar
John Panarelli
Love this dental office. Both Dr. Todd and Dr. Scott are very professional and also very reassuring. They thoroughly explained every part of my procedures (dental implant with sinus lift.) Answered all my questions and both are very open about what can be done, what the risks are, timeline, what to expect, etc. Couldn't ask for better. I'm sorry to say I can't remember the name of the dental assistant but she was great, too! Awesome experience every time! Highly recommend.
Anne Nance Avatar
Anne Nance
I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Scott Lazaroff and his staff. He is very professional, and takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice. It's not easy to find a good dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Lazaroff and his staff for kids and adults.
Kari Kruzic Avatar
Kari Kruzic
I went in for a cleaning / check up for the first time since switching dentist, Dr. Scott Lazaroff immediately identified issues that were missed by my previous dentist and quickly scheduled me for an appointment to fix the problem areas. Not only was the procedure extremely fast and painless, Dr. Scott Lazaroff made me feel comfortable and was very friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott Lazaroff and the services he provides to anyone looking for a top-notch dental experience!
MItchell Arteaga Avatar
MItchell Arteaga
Best dental experience I’ve ever had
Patricia Benjamin Avatar
Patricia Benjamin
Dr. Scott Lazaroff aka Dr. Scott is simply AMAZING. I have never been to a dentist to get work done (this go around was for crowns and fillings) in decades that was as painless, professional and thorough in regard to every detail!! Thank you so much Dr. Scott!!! Also, a special shout-out to Kate & Dolores at the Front Desk. You both ROCK!! 😉
Cynthia Ashton Avatar
Cynthia Ashton
I had a chipped tooth that was way worse than I thought it was and was only greeted with kindness and friendly faces which helped alleviate a lot of stress right away! They got me into see the doctor and his staff promptly and kindly. Then explained what they thought had happened to my tooth as well as all of the possible treatments and outcomes. When it came to the financial side they were quick and helpful with a few payment methods as well as supplying information on some quick dental coverage to aid in my decision! Thank you so much!
Zach Edelson Avatar
Zach Edelson
This place is the best very detailed in their work for both lomgibity and especially pleasing outcomes.I don't recommend taking their referral to their sister office if you have to go on medicaid. Completely different experience. Thank God I'm no longer in need of medicaid and have to go to 5 points dental where the lady forced my mouth down on a hard pice of plastic using her hand on top of my head and jaw and pushing them together hard for a impression that was to big for my mouth. And then taking 6 appointments to do one crown because she could do the impression correctly.I love this dental group and they take care if people that have money, but if you don't you are screwed
Lacey McCormick Avatar
Lacey McCormick
Always have a great experience here. Began seeing them with severe anxiety but they have always been accommodating and comforting. Over the last few years my anxiety has eased significantly. Won't go anywhere else.
Amanda Hisle Avatar
Amanda Hisle
Best Dentist I've been to! The energy in the building was outstanding and they care about your dental hygiene, only wanting the best for you 💜 Financially affordable as well!
Stephanie St. John Avatar
Stephanie St. John
The whole crew was super friendly and very professional. Explained everything, and answered all my questions. It was a really good experience.
Vlkslgn One Avatar
Vlkslgn One
The staff up front are pleasant and worked great with my insurance for pre-authorization, and the tech and dentist were a pleasure. Highly recommend if you have dentist anxiety! Very comfortable.
I never liked going to the dentist but this office makes its a great experience regardless. I've had my teeth worked on by both Todd and Scott and they are some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of working with. They also have a friendly staff upfront!
Dopeness Avatar
Everyone at Advanced Family Dental are so friendly and professional. I enjoy going in. I have been with them since Dr Todd opened. Great place for your family Dental needs. Thanks Jim
Jim Smith Avatar
Jim Smith
Hands down the best dental office! Good equipment, clean and comforting office space, but most of all, amazing staff! Dr. Lazaroff was quick and kind. The ladies at the front desk are such a pleasure to work with, they are knowledgeable, great communication, and efficient in handling the billing. This is most certainly my dentist for the long haul!
Haley Mathies Avatar
Haley Mathies
Dental hygienist- Gabby was excellent. She had a great welcoming presence. She was gentle and efficient. I enjoyed my experience. Thank you!
Andrea Girolmo Avatar
Andrea Girolmo
Honestly if there's ever a possibility to have a good experience with a filling, it was my most recent visit. These guys are pros! blocked the area once, not an ounce of discomfort. front desk and support staff are always very personable! 🙂
Ross Henderson Avatar
Ross Henderson
This is the best dentist I've ever been to. They always do there best to get me in in an emergency and they always let me know the cost up front. They do phenomenal work and do there best to save you money when needed. Cannot write enough good things about Advanced Family Dental.
Zach Zepeski Avatar
Zach Zepeski
I had a great experience with Advanced Family Dental! The staff is really kind and took great care of me, I highly recommend them.
Emily S Avatar
Emily S
Recommended to neighbors and coworker. Always prompt and professional service. Never issues with claims or insurance.
Brandy Jones Avatar
Brandy Jones
Amazing staff! So glad I found this office within 5 min from my home.
Zelda S Avatar
Zelda S
I have been going to Advanced Family Dental for 6 years now and from the front desk to hygienists to the docs everyone is great. Dr. Todd is so friendly and caring. He works hard to minimize any pain or anxiety which is awesome since no one really wants to be going to the dentist. Highly recommend
Rebekah Avatar
Great patient care and accommodating staff. This was my first visit and it was like seeing family, not getting your teeth pulled...and then getting your teeth pulled but in a good way.
ARKAutomotive Avatar
My tech was great really knew her stuff. The rest of the office was very friendly and my trip was enjoyable. The 0600 hrs wake up reminder text could come a bit later in the morning for an 1100 hrs appointment.
william c andrle Avatar
william c andrle
Professional, kind and skilled hygienist and Dr Scott is very straight forward, but also makes you feel comfortable with your treatment plan. Definitely looking forward to all of my future needs here. 😊
Rachel Weaver Avatar
Rachel Weaver
Gabriella is always so friendly. Never worry about pain or being uncomfortable!
Ron Lind Avatar
Ron Lind
Great staff and dentist!
Sharon Rogers Avatar
Sharon Rogers
If you get nothing else from this review, take notice that the first word in their name is "Advanced." They are advanced in technology, chairside manner, patient comfort, and their operations in general.It's been a long time since I have needed to go to a different dentist, but that happened when I moved to Colorado. I had no idea how much dentistry had advanced until my first visit with Dr. Scott and his team. One of his assistants, Lina, started my initial visit by doing a full mouth x-ray (something my previous dentist told me I was due for.) She also did a full scan of my mouth using some space-age contraption. Once she finished I could look at my teeth and gums on the screen in front of me. It was a detailed animation that could be moved around to look at the teeth from every angle. (This was a great help later when discussing what was needed with Dr. Scott because we could both look at my teeth on the screen and if he needed details, he could show me an actual photographic rendition.)Once Lina finished with the initial scans, I met Dr. Scott. He asked how I was and I said, "Impressed." We discussed what I need and I scheduled another visit. The woman at the front desk gave me a detailed breakdown of the work that was needed and the pricing for that work. The pricing sheet included what my insurance would cover. That next visit happened today. (I wanted to wait until Dr. Scott did some work before I reviewed the place.)I needed a crown removed because there was a slight cavity just below it. A dentist, looking with the naked eye could easily miss it, but it was obvious when Dr. Scott showed me a closeup of the scan. So today he prepared to replace the crown after another assistant, Jackie, did an x-ray of the tooth. I couldn't believe that the x-ray machine shows an immediate result on the computer screen in front of me. No waiting for developing film. Impressive.Before Dr. Scott started the procedure he numbed me. It's been a while since I let a dentist stick a needle in my gum (I usually turn it down because I don't like needles.) Dr. Scott was fine with me not wanting to be numbed, but when I thought about how deep he might need to drill, I let him. He was very sensitive to my fear and made it as pain-free as possible.From my first visit until today, I've clearly got the impression that patient comfort is a top priority of this place. Both assistants were sweet and caring women. When Dr. Scott turned on the light to look at my teeth, Lina handed me sunglasses. During the procedure, both Dr. Scott and Lina were always asking if I was doing well. And one of the cool features of this office is they let you watch TV while doing the work on your mouth. I opted for watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off on Netflix (with subtitles) while they worked on my crown. (I had the option for headphones, but turned them down.)Maybe it's weird looking forward to going to the dentist, but when you're treated like you're the most important person to walk through their doors, maybe looking forward to that kind of treatment isn't so weird after all.
Mike Likvan Avatar
Mike Likvan
Wonderful hygienist and nice office staff. I'll be back soon.
Vikki Christy Avatar
Vikki Christy
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