Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

As an emergency dentist in Lakewood, CO, our team at Advanced Family Dental understands that some types of oral health problems just cannot wait. If you’ve suffered a broken, chipped, cracked, or dislodged tooth, you need immediate dental care to help restore your smile back to health.

At Advanced Family Dental, we offer same-day appointments for patients in need of emergency dental care. We know that suffering oral trauma can cause patients to feel a great deal of stress and anxiety over their appearance, while also impacting their ability to perform daily activities like eating and drinking. Our team of experienced Lakewood emergency dentists can help relieve the stress of your dental emergency by providing the exceptional care you require to smile with confidence once again.

If you need an emergency dentist in Lakewood, call the dental professionals at Advanced Family Dental today! Our comprehensive range of emergency dental services include:

Broken or Loose Filling

If something seems a little off while eating, or you experience discomfort whenever you bite down, you may be suffering from a broken or loose filling. While the composite fillings we provide our patients can last for a lifetime, daily wear can cause fillings of every type to suddenly fail without warning.

After you realize a problem has developed, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for an examination. Depending on the extent of the damage done to your filling, Drs. Matheson and Vandewalker may be able to repair the tooth by:

  • Smoothing out the parts of the filling that were damaged
  • Placing a temporary filling until the tooth can be fully restored back to health with a permanent filling
  • Remove the broken filling and prepare the cavity for the placement of a new filling
  • Place a new filling
  • Discussing the possibility of placing a restoration like a bridge, crown, or implant

Don’t jeopardize your long-term oral health by avoiding the dentist after suffering a broken or loose filling. The delicate interior of your tooth – called the pulp – is extremely susceptible to the effects of oral bacteria and decay. If harmful oral bacteria can infect the pulp of a tooth, the damage caused could result in permanent tooth loss.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess starts off as a simple tooth infection but can quickly spread to become a serious problem to both your oral and overall health. While abscesses may develop due to recent dental work or a cavity that has spread deep into the roots of a tooth, the most common cause of the condition is poor oral hygiene and health. Individuals who fail to brush and floss daily have a greater risk for gum disease and tooth decay, which also increases their risk of infection.

If you developed a dental abscess, you need to receive immediate medical attention. The abscess can be potentially life-threatening if the infection is allowed to spread to the brain. Abscesses typically appear as a small lump or swelling on the gum line. As an abscess continues to swell with pus, the affected area will become more sensitive and can cause extreme pain and discomfort when touched. If you’ve developed the symptoms of a dental abscess, you need to schedule an appointment at Advanced Family Dental for an immediate exam.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Even the enamel that surrounds our teeth ranks as some of the strongest, most resilient substances in our bodies, years of wear and abuse does take its toll. Experiencing facial trauma or simply biting down on something too hard can cause a tooth to break or chip, especially if the tooth is already suffering from the effects of decay. If you suffer a broken or chipped tooth, don’t stress. Our emergency dentists in Lakewood can help repair your tooth and restore it back to health.


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