Don’t Fear the Dentist. We’re Here to Help

Don’t Fear the Dentist. We’re Here to Help

At Advanced Family Dental, our team of compassionate dentists understand that for many patients, visiting our Lakewood family dentistry can cause unwanted stress and anxiety.

Most people don’t enjoy visiting the dentist, and many feel apprehensive about undergoing dental procedures, especially those outside of the normal routine of preventative care, such as crowns, root canals, and wisdom tooth extraction.

For patients who experience this type of apprehension, their dental phobia can prevent them from visiting our Lakewood family dentistry to receive the type of dental care their oral health requires.

Studies conducted by the American Dental Association have found that over 20 percent of Americans have developed some type of dental phobia. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist allows any existing oral health problems the time needed to progress into far more serious issues.

When these problems grow to the point where patients cannot avoid visiting a dentist any longer – such as due to extreme discomfort or a problem eating – they must undergo complicated procedures to correct the underlying issue. These types of procedures are usually invasive, which only serves to reinforce the patient’s dislike and distrust of visiting a dentist.

Fortunately, at Advanced Family Dental, our dentists work with patients to create a friendly and welcoming office environment where a patient’s needs – both physical and emotional – always come first.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways we work to make every visit to our Lakewood family dentistry a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Improved Communication

Patients who feel anxious are more likely to distrust their dentist. They worry about having unnecessary work done, or that the treatments they receive will cause them more discomfort than their dentist has led them to believe. Ultimately, a patient who doesn’t believe a dentist has their best interests at heart will struggle to feel comfortable and safe when in a dentist’s chair.

By improving patient communication, our dentist work to build and reinforce the level of trust patients have in the treatments we recommend. We strive to always address their concerns and to talk with patients clearly and honestly. Fear of the unknown can allow a patient’s imagination to dwell on the worst possible outcomes. Therefore, the more information a patient has on what to expect, the less likely their anxiety levels will increase due to fears stoked by their imagination.

Giving Patients Full Control

Feeling out of control often leads to people experiencing anxiety and stress. When given back that control, patients are more likely to feel comfortable than when not given a choice about their treatment.

When you sit in one of our dental chair, know that you remain in full control over your treatment. Our doctors will make sure that you feel comfortable and won’t proceed with your treatment until you’re ready.

If you have any questions, need us to stop for a moment while you collect yourself, or simply need further explanation about your treatment, just ask and our dentists will be happy to provide the support you require.

Providing a Comfortable and Relaxing Environment

At Advanced Family Dental, we’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere that encourages patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during each and every visit.

When a patient feels stressed, their body can start to release certain chemicals and hormones that can increase stress levels even more. This creates a vicious cycle were feeling uncomfortable about visiting the dentist leads you to start feeling stressed, which reaffirms your initial thoughts about not wanting to be at the dentist. By the time treatment begins, patients can be so far inside their own thoughts that even a routine procedure may seem intolerable.

To combat this stress, our staff makes every effort to help you feel at home when visiting our Lakewood family dentistry. From a front office staff that will greet you with a smile (we’re still smiling even if you can’t see it through the masks we wear) to our team of dentists and hygienists that will continue to ask about how you’re feeling throughout the entire treatment process, we will always make your comfort and care our top priority.

Giving You the Freedom to Be You

When a patient feels confined to the dentist’s chair, their natural reaction is to get up and leave. When a patient feels comfortable in the chair, the amount of time it takes to receive treatment seems to pass far more quickly.

We encourage you to take whatever steps you need to make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether that means listening to music, squeezing a stress ball, or asking use about what sedation services our dentists can provide, we want you to take the steps necessary to feel as relaxed as possible.


Visiting the dentist doesn’t need to cause you any unwanted stress or anxiety. Contact the team at Advanced Family Dental today to experience for yourself what so many of our satisfied patients already know – that at AFD, your comfort and care will always remain on top priority.

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