How to Motivate Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Making your young kids brush their teeth can be difficult, especially when they are sleepy or rowdy when it’s time to clean up before bedtime. It’s hard to teach them the importance of healthy dental care. Lucky for you, several handy smartphone and tablet apps can teach them about the consequences of dirty teeth and how to take care of them. Here are just a handful of those apps, most of which are geared towards 3- to 8-year-olds.

Duckie Deck With Teeth

With Teeth App Screenshot

This app, available on iOS, is part of a series by Duckie Deck that encourages healthy hygiene behavior for kids. In the game, kids can design their own special set of teeth, eat a variety of snacks with them, and see how dirty they get after eating. Kids can appreciate brushing their teeth when they see their virtual set of teeth sparkling white with some careful brushing!


Toothsavers App Screenshot

This adventure game app, on iOS and Android, requires your child to save the fairytale kingdom with a toothbrush! To defeat the evil sorceress, you have to travel around the kingdom brushing away the evil spell from the teeth of characters such as Little Red Riding Hood. In addition, you have to brush your own teeth for two minutes, twice a day for 30 days in order to unlock new toothbrushes and to defeat the sorceress. With this feature, the app allows the child to keep track of their own actual teeth-brushing habits!

Monster Mouth DDS

Monster Mouth App Screenshot

In this game, available on both iOS and Android, your child gets to be the dentist! From taking X-rays to pulling out cavities with tongs, they can solve the dental problems that the monsters have! In order to pass the game, they have to treat the monster’s teeth while avoiding as much pain for them as possible. By playing the game, kids can learn about common dental procedures and fix these monster teeth into healthy ones!

Brush DJ

Brush DJ Screenshot

This unique app is good for both children and adults and will keep you entertained while you brush your teeth! This simple app finds a random song from your music library on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and plays it for two minutes, the recommended time for brushing your teeth. In addition to entertaining you, the app can also remind you to brush your teeth, floss, visit the dentist, and of several other healthy dental habits.

While these games are not guaranteed to ensure healthy brushing habits for your children, they will make them think about their teeth and what happens when they don’t brush them! And maybe they’ll even enjoy brushing their teeth!

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