New Study: Tooth Loss Greater for People With Diabetes


Our Lakewood Colorado dentists have many patients that ask about how to take care of their teeth. Of course we always say the best way to protect your teeth is with prevention. Practice good oral health by brushing and flossing daily, and visiting us at least twice a year.

But most people already know that taking care of their teeth is important, but how do you prevent tooth loss and cavities.
A new research study showed the rates of tooth loss among Americans that have diabetes and those without diabetes.

The study: people who have diabetes are more than twice as likely to lose all of their teeth as people without diabetes.
There are multiple studies that have been conducted on this correlation. This particular research showed that tooth loss is one of the most major problems for older people, especially over 60.

People who have tooth loss will have difficulty chewing foods and even speaking to others. People who lose all of their teeth will feel more self-conscious and sometimes even shy away from situations.

Tooth loss has declined over the past few years but it still a large oral health problem. It is widely recognized health problem that affect the baby boomers and older generations in the United States.

Tooth loos can happen to anyone, but a lot of research shows that people who have a low income and less education are more likely to have tooth loss. This correlates with proper dental care.

Healthcare providers are working to educate patients who have diabetes about the impact of their oral health care.
Taking care of your body starts with what you put in your mouth. Choosing healthy food that are low in sugar and fat will help you feel better in your body.

f you are worried about your health and the potential of lossing your teeth you can be proactive and take steps to insure this doesn’t happy to you.

Our doctors say that the best way to prevent tooth loss is to practice good oral health.

The reality is dentures, which is the traditional treatment for people who have lost their teeth, will not entirely solve the issue of tooth loss. Dentures will slip and rub around in the mouth, which can cause embarrassment; self esteem issues and even sore gums. Do what you can to prevent diabetes. You and your health depend on it. The steps you take today will make a big impact on your older self.

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